Friday, February 17, 2012

Britain's Got Sites

The Husband is happy to announce that he has no announcements to post on this blog regarding my premature death by treadmill.
Yes, I survived, and bless them, I had the BEST medical staff EVER (no snickering at me or making feel foolish for not exercising in a year). They were brilliant. Thanks for the moral support everyone.

I have ENGLAND photos to share!!

Remember, I am determined to see a lot of England in this next 16 months and even asked you all to suggests places for me to go.
Well, because my husband has a more exciting life than I do, we went back to a place we have already been, the midlands, so he could run in the Hell in The Middle race.

Our hotel and the lovely view:

oooooh, aaaaahhhh...


We took a little drive out of the way to see the Iron Bridge because the maps and guidebooks seem to think it's important- including a little sketch of it at every chance.

The world's oldest Iron Bridge

and from the other side...

River Severn. Yes, the sky WAS this gray
Best part of their day was running up and down the curve of the bridge.

We didn't regret the diversion. The landscape was gorgeous. Coming from farmland Norfolk where flat is where it's at, I was so pleased to see hilly terrain.

gorgeous building that has unfortunately been converted to flats
a pub

 We walked around the little village by the bridge until the kids were tired and then headed back down to....

Cadbury World!

Look at the size of those chocolate footballs!

If you've been once, I can't imagine you would ever feel the need to go back again, but since Miss Ky was too young the first time and they give you so much chocolate as you tour around, we figured it would still be a treat for the kids. Well I was wrong.

Poor boy had another lesson on how competitive his momma is- I STOMPED him in Connect Four!!

Apparently there is a need to go back again because we all had a really good time. How could you not like a place where everything is purple?

The kids are pleased that for the first time in a lot of school half-term holidays, they will be able to go back to school and say they went somewhere.  

I'm just pleased because the week wasn't just about THIS:

Bless him. Isn't he a nutter? 
If I didn't hate running so much, 
I might've joined him for the one he's planning for November.

You've got to admit, this does look like a fun group of people...
Master of Ceremonies. Have to give the guy credit, it was -7c and he was walking around on the icy ground on stilts!

Yes, I did say -7c

Yeah, they're nuts. I think I'll stick to being the warmly dressed photographer of the group.


  1. 1. It looks fabulous! Incredibly jealous here. :)

    2. Your hubby is insane! Sorry to break it to you.

    3. I am SO GLAD your test went well. Now, praying for good results and that you start feeling better.

  2. Visit Cornwall, you'll find hills and warmer weather. You might even encounter a pirate or two.

  3. Hello. I ran across your blog a while ago and have been enjoying reading your posts. My grandfather was from England and several years ago my husband and I made a trip back to reconnect with long lost relatives who took us to the Black County Living History Museum. It was an amazing place to visit. If you haven't stumbled across it yet, I highly recommend it.

  4. See, I said that you would be fine.

    Thank you for the tour. That is an area of the UK that I have not visited.

  5. I'm glad to hear your test went well. That would have made me nervous too.

    Cadbury World sounds like a great place to visit. I'd go there if I could. How could you go wrong in a place filled with chocolate?

    Some of those fellows in the running group need to put on some more clothes! Just sayin'... Ahem. hahaha! :D

  6. So glad everything went well. I hope for this year you can enjoy England stress free (if possible) you'll be with us for eons ;) and I would be caught DEAD outside in -7 weather for too long - unless I had a sexy guy like yours :p

  7. That is complete awesomeness! I wanna go there SO BAD!

    I have a wonderful visit suggestion for you- will you pretty, pretty please go to the Chelsea Garden Show for me this summer? It is my dream vacation and I'll probably have to take it alone because there's not much my spouse would like to do LESS than tour all the pretty gardens and fight with the massive crowds. Opps! Did I mention the crowds? I'd hate to go doing that as it may cause you to cross that little adventure right off your list!

  8. What was he doing? A Tough Mudder? TNT is going to start doing Spartan races as well. Yikes! So glad your test went well. xoxox

  9. I am with you on the running. I will enter the next 5k that is all walking with you.

    Love all the pics. What a charming place. My husband gets to lead the exciting life and see the world too. Me, I get to go to UT now and then.


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