Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogging vs Life

Hello? (tap tap) Is this thing working?

There's a perfectly good reason for a silent blog. When I discover what it is, I'll share it with you.
I'm not sure where all of my blogging time has gone. I live a typically average, boringly-common day. All of my kids are now in school, so I should be overwhelmed with free time.

Maybe I should keep a log and see where my time goes...

Me, yesterday: "Does everybody have everything they need for tomorrow?" "J2, Rugby gear? A1, homework? A2, book?" etc... (repeated several times from 4.00 to bedtime)

Me again at bedtime: "Does everyone have everything--a full uniform?"

All answer "yes".   

Look at all of that spare time! Such efficient, organized children!

This morning, J2 says, "Did you wash my Rugby top?" (huh?! What Rugby top? The one under your bed???)

A1 is walking around with a blank piece of paper asking if we have any photos... at 8.01. Bus picks up at 8.05.
Me, unpleasantly: "No way! You don't have time for that now!  I asked you over and over yesterd..."

he folds the paper in half and rips it.

Me, shouting, because it's what I excel at: "What are you doing???"

Him: "It doesn't have anything on it"

Me: "It's a perfectly good piece of paper--MY computer paper!"

so he rips it again, and then slams the kitchen door.

I resist the urge to feed him to lions. Only because there are none in the immediate vicinity.

A1 leaves for school in a foul mood, because his mother wouldn't let him do his homework.

Miss Ky now can't find a white uniform shirt. 

So, I go out to the garage (where we now have to keep the dryer) for a white shirt and think, "It's time to put up my Great Pumpkin sign that Jenni hand painted just for me" (I keep it hanging on a hook inside the garage just waiting for the "Halloween is near!" clearance). This is what greets me in the garage:

??? huh ???
This was NOT here when the homeowner proudly showed me all of his handy work building this garage
someone "helped" with the color
It's not even 8.30 am yet.

I could also have blogged during that first week after we moved in with all of the spare time I have. I could have given daily reports and informative advice such as:

Never leave a hand towel hanging partially out of a sink if you are going to leave the tap on. The towel acts as a siphon and the bathroom floor will soon be soaked. Well, maybe not "soon" but if one leaves the tap on undiscovered say, all night long, there could be a mess.

and golden advice such as:

Never stack precious photo albums in a cardboard box while moving, but most importantly, don't put that cardboard box in a place where children might flood an upstairs bathroom and water could possibly come through the floor/ceiling into that box. And just a heads-up, page protectors are absolutely NO GOOD when the scrapbook albums are in standing water.  


Never vacuum dead wasps. They stink. For a long time. Maybe even forever.

If you tell children, "Oh, how lovely, we have an apple tree. One day I will make an apple pie..."

while you are moving in...

They will pick all of the apples off of the tree for you. 

While you are moving in.

Maybe I watch too much TV. Maybe that's where my  blogging time went.
I finally watched an episode of The Middle.  It was the one where Frankie (Patricia Heaton) accidentally eats toenail clippings and runs away from home.

I get it.

And it wouldn't take a Dorrito bag containing toenails to push me to it either... usually a typically average morning like today would suffice.


  1. Ahh, hang in there mom. It sounds like you are doing the juggling quite well.

    I can relate to the "everything was organized when I went to bed and then fell apart when the kids woke up" feeling. Yuck.

  2. Since I moved to the "Show-Me" state, I make The Boy SHOW ME (far ahead of time) that he, in fact, has the things he needs for school.

    And we have a small table by the front door where said items are put as soon as they are located.

    He finds it highly annoying, just the way I felt when he'd spring these surprises on me at the last minute.

    And clothes that are not brought to the laundry room when I ask for them do not get washed in emergency situations - that goes for my clothes, too.

    Being mean feels so good.

  3. Ladybugs stink when you vacuum them up too--ask me how I know. ;)

    If you made pie from those apples, I hope you added lots of sugar because they look kind of green (and sour).

    Sometimes it is just impossible to wear your Mom hat and your Blogger hat at the same time. Life will go on (whether you want it to or not!) ha!

    Hope you have a good day today, J. Thanks for the smiles. :-)

  4. That's a lot of life going on. No wonder you've not had time to blog.

  5. That is quite a morning! Don't run away, I'd miss hearing stories...


    Hang in there. Motherhood, it's not for wimps, that's for sure.

  6. Crap! Crap. And double crap. That's my sympathy overflowing for you just like your bathroom sink. I'm in the same "stay at home, so should have much leisure/productive time" boat. Not so. Not sure why, but not so. At least I'm in good company.

  7. The wasp thing was pretty gross. I could sort of smell what it would have been like. Then I read the toenail clipping part at the very end...yuck! Were you trying to make me puke?

  8. I have a spare room.

    My children are good at telling me the things they need for school the next day.....usually at 9:00 on Sunday night.

  9. Whenever someone says hang in there, I picture a noose around my neck; so I'm not going to say hang in there Jeri. But I do hppe you manage to keep your sanity. I'd have lost it by now. Oh, wait...

    I feel ya' on the not blogging. I too, seem to have plenty of time in which to get absolutely nothing done, and yet I wonder where it all goes.

  10. Oh my gawd. It sounds EXACTLY like my house. EXACTLY. Just one of the reasons I HATE when school starts. Grrr. Everything is so freaking hectic no matter how well organized you think you are. Stupid school. Sassy kids.

    I'm running away. Wanna come along?

  11. I"m not blogging either and i don't know why. Maybe it's trying to go through a bunch of accumulated stuff from 3 generations and find suitable homes for this. Maybe it's from a little move involving switching rooms again and painting just one. No floods and no kids no excuse I just can't get to it! The problem is I miss my bloggy buddies. Who would figure that these little comments could tie such permanent knots?


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