Monday, February 18, 2008

United Kingdom-- The Next Siberia

It was THIS flippin' cold this morning....

Yes, these are frozen spider webs on our house.

And our cherry blossoms....


  1. those spider web pics...even though it shows how cold it is...they are gorgeous!!
    and...if it makes you feel any better...we had an ice storm last night! my son's school got canceled!! and, my older kids schools are on break so...i'm ready to shoot myself!!
    and...i'm a regular to your blog, too!!!

  2. Those are great pictures, but it does look a bit chilly! Stay warm and I'll see you soon. Kellan

  3. Well. It may be cold, but it looks gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Same here. I almost went outside this morning to take pics of our frozen spider webs this morning, too.... but it was negative 6 degrees.... so no go.

    I'm glad you were more motivated than I. :-)

  5. Holy Crapoly Batman!

    I've never seen a frozen spider web. Never. Is it an internet first? The first pictured frozen spider web on the internet? Probably not. But it would be cool if it was.

    I still salute you.


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