Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Migration Season


can I just say that other than Kat, who threw herself in front of me pleading for rationality, for the most part the rest of you were pretty mild. So with that said...

drum roll please...

(one-armed drum roll like Def Leppard's Rick Allen if you like)...

I am officially moving! 

Well, not officially officially- the Mrs. Future Landlord was quite pleased with us and our offer to ensconce ourselves in her beautiful home, but since she and Mr. Future Landlord both have to sign on the dotted line, she still needs to present it to him.
I think he's off haggis hunting in Scotland or something, so hopefully tomorrow I will know if I am officially officially moving house by myself while my husband sits in the hot desert watching Haji dvds.

So that's it. Feel free to call the authorities and have me declared insane.
But first, have a look at this...
(and btw, this isn't a "grass is greener" scenario, we've had some shady things happen regarding our landlord and for our own protection and peace of mind, are moving).

 See? Easy roof cleaning. Perfect sized house for the kids. Fine, that's really the back side of an open carport.

  Our Christmas tree for 2011

Do you suppose I will ever know where she is?

And there's an inside to this place too... look at the lovely floor my kids will flood.

I will miss my Aga. I will desperately, most likely mourn for months for the Aga. I already miss the pool since summer has avoided us for the second straight year. I won't miss throwing money into it via chemicals and the time spent cleaning it only for the weather be too cold for swimming.

And I will miss the Hedwig hooting outside while I type and the Moorhens (who seem to lose babies to our pond every year).

But when winter comes,
and every child gets to stay in their room rather than move to parts of the house where the radiators work,
I will smile.

So technically, we're being snow birds. Flying off to a warmer house for winter (the season that never leaves).

So truth time: How many times did you have to Google something from this post?


  1. I've moved...a lot. I prefer moving to actual Spring cleaning.

    I remember you did a post about your Aga, and I'm assuming that moorhens are birds that like to reside in the moors.

    I don't need no stinkin' Google...or do I?

    Good luck on the move! Enjoy the adventure!

  2. Moving..they have people for that, don't they?

  3. I'm WAY behind on my reader, don't know if you've posted about the back story or not. The new place looks wonderful, I hope it will be. Moving by yourself? Ack! That sounds so overwhelming to me. I'm seriously hoping you're hiring movers. Best of luck.

  4. That bathroom is GORGEOUS, btw. Wow! Is the rest of the house that pretty? Jealous!

  5. Your soon too be new home is lovely, and the surrounding grounds beautiful.

    I think I did well, I didn't have to Google anything, but the mention of haggis did give me shivers.

  6. Aga?

    OK. Ya got me. :-)

    But I understood the rest of it!!


  7. Glad to hear the update and this looks like a winner to me...

  8. OMG! I hate moving and I have barely done it :S but I am glad you got another house that everyone will love, it looks gorgeous!

  9. Oh my! It looks quite lovely, but I wish you all the best with all that is involved with moving. I've done it several times, but not by myself. It's a ton of work to get it all done.

  10. It almost looks like a stately home. You could do guided tours.

    There is no guarantee that the radiators in the new house will work any better than those in the present house. That's English plumbing!

  11. You are so right, Cheshire. We could move into a place that's worse, but it's less about plumbing than it is about a dodgy landlord that we are dealing with. On TOP of his two-year delay to have the rads looked at (as well as other things that have gone wonky), some shady goings on have occurred. We are getting out for our own protection.

  12. Well, okay, fine. For your own protection and sanity. When you put it like that I guess I have to jump on board. ;) In all seriousness, our old house had a heating system that worked great on the first floor but less than great for the upstairs bedroom, so I now what a bonus that will be for your family. Plus, not having to deal with shady landlords is a bonus in itself.

    AND, the new place looks AMAZING. You do realize that the boys will be climbing on that carport roof nonstop, yes? ;) The grounds are GORGEOUS. What a beautiful area! It is like living in a novel. And that bathroom looks stupendous! GORGEOUS! Now I need more pictures of the house.

    I know you are a pro at moving, but let's hope that the next move ;) is when the hubby is not deployed. hehe!


  13. Looks gorgeous! Hope the move goes smoothly.

    I only had to Google haggis. And I probably shouldn't have. Ick.

  14. How nice of me to show up after all of the boxes are gone and things have been put into their rightful places.

  15. LOL! I didn't have to google any of it! Hope you get the big house! How fun...

  16. I was being lazy, didn't feel llike googling. I should probably google haggis though.
    Jeri, I'm seriously jealous! It looks gorgeous. I told Jon yesterday that I am not staying here after our lease is up. He said "sure honey" in a very unconvincing sort of way.
    I hope the new place lives up to it's pics and expectations. Good luck with packing and moving. How soon is this all to take place?

  17. I just googled haggis....yuck!
    Actually, now I remember seeing an episode about it on this show Jon loves to watch on food network or the travel channel. Something about strange foods.

  18. Congratulations. And that back yard looks like something out of a movie or a dream for a young kid. It's gonna be good for you all.

  19. Hope you love the new digs. It looks heavenly.

  20. well I think it looks great :)

  21. it's lovely, but you're insane. it's like INVITING murphy's law. but hey, since it seems to have joined you, maybe it's leaving me??


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