Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calling All Dream Interpreters...

Any Joseph's in the house?

I've had this dream since I was little, but I've had it every night this week and it's more pronounced. It nags me while I'm awake. I'm exhausted tired with whatever my mind is trying to tell me.
I'll spare you the boring details (wanna come over for a slide show of our latest holiday while I tell you about my crazy dreams?).

The gist of it is:

I am looking at a house (very much like real life-- call me The Moving Queen).
It's either too late for me to have the house because we've chosen another, or I can't afford the house. A few times I am actually renting a room in the house.

The house is always a little run down, but I can see beyond the work to the magic of what is. Uneven floors, hazardous stairs, poor design never deter me.
As I wander through it, I find secret rooms or passageways I didn't know existed. It just makes me want it more.
Sometimes there's treasures left behind. I don't mean gold or jewelry, I mean sentimental things from someone's life, like letters that give me a glimpse into the person who once owned the house.

I always wake up a little melancholy from having left.

If it matters... when I was small, growing up in a tiny town on the Arizona border, I would often shout out to my parents as we passed a desert area on the way into Utah. I would tell them the house I dreamed about was out there. I swore that we had been to it, I could describe the yellow gingham curtains hanging on the kitchen door window.

As I got older, I found a house in the little Utah town that had been abandoned and I fell in love with it. I took photos of it every time we were over there. It was just a given that after our dentist appointments, shopping, lunch day, we would swing by to look at the house before we went.
When I was in high school, someone bought the house and fixed it up. I was devastated.

The houses I dream of and the the houses of my childhood aren't the same. It's a symbol and apparently I'm pretty thick and just not getting it.

Any thoughts?


  1. Your dream is sad and hopeful all at the same time. You hope to get the house and at the same can not be yours! So hope is lost! Nothing worse than losing a dream...especially a dream house. Too look for houses and finding one that you would love to make your own is such an emotional journey. Filled with highs and lows. I have had some gut wrenches myself when looking/buying houses!

  2. I have quite similar dreams. Usually I'm sort of sneaking around an empty but not abandoned house. I'll enter it because I want to use their washroom and then I start to explore and imagine its potential.

    Other times I find secret passageways and odd rooms and feel that I just have to live there. Once it was a perfect, old house. Not a thing was wrong with it except for the approach. We had to drive a car over a two narrow, high-set tracks.. just wide enough for the tires of the car. It was precarious and next to impossible to do daily, but the house and all its beautiful, antique contents would be ours if we wanted it.. for free.

    I don't have the dreams nearly as often as you, but they're always memorable and leave me feeling like I've just missed out on something wonderful. So when you figure your dreams out.. let me know. ;)

  3. Fascinating! I'm especially intrigued with the part about you being sure as a child that it was in that particular desert. It almost sounds like a past life memory.

  4. My family always calls me to tell them what their dreams mean. I'm their Joseph, I suppose. ;)

    I don't think you dream is about houses at all. I think it is about the feeling you have when you are in the houses. I think you are look (searching) for a particular feeling, maybe all your life. Whether it be "belonging", "comfort", "treasured", I don't know. That is the part you have to figure out for yourself. It seems to me you have always been searching for that one thing (not really a house at all) to make you feel... whatever you feel you are missing. Know what I mean?
    I guess you have to figure out what a house symbolizes to you. Home? Love? Comfort? Security? Then that is what you have been searching for.

  5. Is the house your life? And you discovering the treasures means that you'll see good times, but also at times you may loose hope ? (since you can't ever really own the house..)? :)

  6. Hm, I got nothing. Maybe the house is a representation of something you want but can't have? I am so bad at interpreting dreams. Maybe try one of those Native American dream catchers. Aren't they supposed to help with stuff like this?

  7. Hmmm... Perhaps you just want to come back home & grow some roots in a place all your own.

    I've had flying dreams my whole life. I can fly like a bird until I tell someone I can. Then I can't fly but when they leave I can fly again. I've never been able to figure that one out. It probably comes from the fear of being ordinary, which I am anyway, LOL!

  8. I have no idea what your dream means, but while I was reading this post, I could suddenly hear a song playing in my head.

    Looking For a Home

    Yes, I am aware that I am rather strange, but I've learned to live with it. HA! :D

    I hope you can figure your dream out so you will sleep easier. Have a good weekend!

  9. I think Kat's right on the money. As a kid you were probably looking and longing for something secure and sure. You probably are now as well, what with the moves and your Hubby's job. Houses are one of the sturdiest things we have to symbolize security. They also symbolize home and sentimentality, all the things we believe we should have in life.

  10. Wow we are so alike. I have had house dreams all my life. Houses with staircases and banisters, beams in the ceilings and all kinds of details. When I was a child my favorite dreams would be to be flying up in the rafters and see my parents yelling at me to get down and just fly around and ignore them! See Miss Ky is not so unusual, can you imagine if she could fly?

    But seriously I agree with Kat. It is if you are seeking for home.

    Are you sure if you died tonight (not to be morbid) that you would go to heaven? Deserts are places of testing, and homes represent security and acceptance. That you find other peoples treasures is a symbol of their testimony to you of beauty and truth in their lives. They are leaving you a legacy to discover, showing you the way home. I think the longing is for our heavenly home, not a building made here with hands. I love it that you shared this.

  11. And OMG!!!!!! did you see the BRAND NEW trailer for Eclipse?????

  12. I'm pretty sure it means that you need to come to Montana.


    That's all I got.

    My worst dream is the one where there are toilets everywhere but they are all covered or unusable.


    That's when I know I need to wake up and head to the loo.

    Aren't you glad you asked?

    Miss me much?

  13. I have no words of dream wisdom for you but it all sounds pretty strangely cool... I never remember my dreams

  14. My house dreams are always renovations beyond my control. I think we may be twins...

  15. I don't dream about houses, but I have a current preoccupation with photographing houses. It started out with dilapidated (sp?) old farm houses...abandoned ones. Now I've moved on to cute, fixed up little two bedroom cottage looking houses.

    Here's my take. The abandoned ones were my psyche. I had abandoned myself. I couldn't move past that phase until I quite leaving me and started taking better care of myself. Now I'm onto cute fixed-up houses.

    Now, your dreams? Sounds like maybe your house is you. The secret rooms...those parts of you that you didn't know existed...the GOOD parts, the creative parts..e.ven the parts that you keep to yourself. Maybe the dark parts.
    The fact that you saw it as a child is wonderful. Children are so spiritually in tune, you recognized that this house was beautiful to you, even at that age, and it represented grounded-ness to you. Roots?
    Just my .02

  16. I definitely agree with Kat.
    I occassionally dream about house hunting, and have even looked throgh the same house in different dreams---always very unusually designed houses too. I really enjoy those dreams.


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