Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trading Spaces....

Scrolling Saturdays.... the words roll off of my tongue like a sigh.

Funny thing is, I already posted one today, but when I went back to tweak it, something seemed oddly familiar. I had scrolled it before.

It was the Photographer's Anonymous post-- appropriate since I'm clearing out my iphoto (and will be for the next five years). But this one is appropriate too. We're looking at a new house today (shhhh, the kids don't know).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Tour of My Home

After my last entry, I thought you may be trying to imagine this place I live in, so I thought I'd include a picture or four. This is my kitchen I hang my herbs in. I also churn butter here while my husband kills pheasants for our evening stew. With four boys, I really don't need chairs. They might muffle the farting contests held regularly in my home (to my dismay).

This is my bed. Of course my husband has his own cot in his own room. The house is big enough to do that, you know. As you can see by the cradle, he doesn't always stay in his own side of the house.

And last, I don't know what all the whining about "free time" is about. I have never had to pay for a child minder and don't have the least trouble with my children.
But really.

Here's a picture of our courtyard in a rare sun shining moment.

The other pictures are from the Iceni Village nearby, taken last year sometime.


  1. OK You TOTALLY freaked me out!!!!!!!! I was getting so excited that someone lived like me. I mean, minus the pheasants and just short of the churning. But that old house that almost burned down...when we visit the local museum it is my kid's fav. game to go around and try to find something that we DON'T have at ours. Does that make me a little...I don't know what...

  2. Are you going to buy a house? or does the military pay for you somehow? and how did you get that first house in the first place? just curious.

  3. You have quite a house! If you ever wanted to write a historical book, you'd have first hand knowledge of how people lived because you're living it yourself!
    Hope you have a good weekend -- Sniz

  4. OOOoo... where can I get one of those 'child minders.' Fun photos.

    via Scrolling Saturdays

  5. Very cute house. I love the homey feel of it.

  6. i cracked up at your 'photographer's anonymous' post from earlier...too funny! and, of course i don't mind that you come by my blog still! i still come by yours :)

  7. Those aren't real pictures of your house?! What a shame - I could use that child minding device over at my house!

  8. LOL! What a great post! I could've used one of those "child minders" a time or two! Come to think of it, still could! *grin* Happy Saturday! :-)

  9. I think "your" house is quite amazing!!!

  10. You had me going there for a bit - HA!! Pretty courtyard.

    Have a good weekend - see you soon - Kellan

  11. where does one buy that child minder? LOL! Great photos.


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