Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, the 19th of December. Also known in some parts of Texas, Growing Older Day


That's it.

Were the rest of you expecting maybe I might talk about Twilight?????

Oh, and all she wants for her birthday is ONE HUNDRED comments. Please swing by and grant her birthday wish (make sure to type in big letters, she's aging).


  1. Happy birthday to Holly!

    Now tell us what you thought of Twilight!!!!!

  2. Is it movie time yet? Or are you going to a PM showing? Huh? Huh?

    Thanks for the love, babe. I wish I coulda actually crossed the pond & seen you.

  3. *laugh* when your post is this short, I feel uncomfortable... *laugh*

    Hmmmm.... I wanna wish that for my next birthday too... till then, let me do my part to grant her that wish... *wink* hopping over now

  4. Hello my friend! I feel like I have been out of the blogging loop forever (really just a few days).

    So fun catching up with your posts!! Have a great day..hugs

  5. Actually, there's a little one-screen theater in Northern AZ - old route 66, and Twilight just came here for us to see too!

  6. So? So? So? What did you think of the movie? Should I break down and see it? Was it worth full price in the theater?


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