Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Love our Military Life

Since I am at the mercy of sporadic internet and no time to cohesively write a post, here's something from my draft folder--as is, not returnable, sorry. And yes, the Hubby is gone. This was written while we were waiting. Sorry for any confusion.

I really do (love the military). Despite my constant murmuring, I do appreciate that I don't wake up every morning wondering if my husband will be "made redundant" (laid off) today.

I appreciate that we were able to have the children without burying ourselves in debt.

I like that I can get Lucky Charms when I'm an ocean away from the U.S., and the opportunities to live abroad.

What I don't like is the waiting.

I don't like preparing for my husband to leave by a certain date and have that date come and go.

It's like having an ingrown toenail scheduled for removal. You dread the surgery, but gear up for it-- prepare yourself mentally and then the appointment gets re-scheduled. Ok, that might be a horrible metaphor since that surgery actually brings relief and there's no relief to sending your husband into danger, but I think you get my point.

We went into the weekend thinking he'd been gone at any moment. It's tuesday and he's still hogging my side of the bed (not a complaint, he's my heater). It looks like he may be here for the two funerals we'll attend this week (yes, 2009 is starting brilliantly).

We continue to plug away at putting things in order and tweaking the heating system (hard to do when you go from -9 to freezing fog to 8 degrees in a few days).

AND he's talking to me while I type this post (ok, maybe the toenail thing might have been accurate after all-- I'm working here).

We went on a date to see Australia last night. I think it's our 3rd date in 12 months. The jury is still out on what I thought of the movie (I have to chew on it a bit). Are Nicole Kidman's eyes REALLY that blue? Gorgeous. But she needs to eat.

As I was comparing Drover to Leopold, Leopold was winning-- until one point in the movie (can't tell you, it might spoil it for you) where I knew why he was voted the Sexiest Man alive.
Boy Howdy.
If you've seen it, shoot me a comment and see if you can guess which point I was ready to crawl up into the screen and take this lovely man home with me.


  1. It's fun isn't it, to have a little crush on a movie star when we are "older?" Your younger than me but ya know what I mean, we ain't teeny boppers anymore. Nicolas Cage does it for me, and Sam Elliot, and, and...oh well.

    hope your cheering up, and getting a bit of rest.

  2. I am still holding out hope for all your stuff....take care;)

  3. Dear oh dear. What would Hubby think if he knew you wanted to take Drover home?

  4. I haven't seen it, but he is definitely the sexiest man alive in my book. Maybe the best reason for me to head to the theater? Nah - I'll wait for Wolverine in May.

    So do you know how long your honey will be gone? And do you still have the same concerns now that you did before the election?

  5. I failed to make my guess. I choose when he dumped the bucket of water on himself when they were camping.

  6. I'm commenting in general to the three posts I discovered when I opened my Google Reader this morning.

    Since you said you didn't want tons of sympathy, I'll only send you a little. :) Man, I hope everything works out so that you can keep the dream house, and that your husband stays safe, and that Miss Ky doesn't make you too loony. :) Good luck, and I hope the Internet thing gets back to normal so I can keep hearing from you regularly.

  7. It wouldn't matter.... Huge Jackman is totally swoon-able.

  8. i haven't seen the movie. was told that it was great. and hugh jackman can come on over ANYTIME (add to the fact that he can also sing---his wife is one lucky girlie!)

  9. I haven't seen this movie and I was waiting for someone who has, to tell me what they thought first. Let me know once you chew on it awhile, what you think of it.

  10. I haven't seen the movie--or lived this crazy life you are living--but I do hope all is well and things can get a little more on track!

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  12. I thought that was Hugh I was going to say he looked sexier back in "wolverine" days. But now I feel kind of stupid that I don't know who Drover is. Sheesh.

  13. Was all set to see Australia, my first outing to the cinema in over a year-but then Slumdog Millionaire was on and we chose that. FANTASTIC!!!!!! Loved it.

    I'm hoping that all will turn out ok for you.
    For me it was always Frank Sinatra.

  14. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments. :O)

    Please know you made my day.

    Have a fantastic week!

    P.S. The low-carb this is easy (ha!). I just have to stop eating bread and things made with flour. One of my most favorite things in the world! :O)

  15. I have not seen Australia so can not comment on it. As far as the military are concerned I suppose that all jobs have their pros and cons. Try to stay positive and I hope that everything will sort itself out.

  16. I haven't seen it yet, really want to though. Hugh Jackman is seriously, my favorite actor though. One sexy man. I think my favorite role for him is Wolverine in X-men. So yummy. Anyway......
    Well, I supposed it's a relief to finally have your hubby gone. I suppose it's like yanking off a band-aid--just get it over with already!! Hope he's home again soon though.

  17. comparing your 'like' and your 'don't', I think I'm more to the 'don't'.... waiting, the agony from it is tough....

  18. He's "lovely"? That might be enough for me.

    (And more funerals? Good god, woman! Are you alright?)

    my best,

  19. I have scene the movie and I actually enjoyed it. But, I'm not a hard sell - just seeing something on the big screen and eating popcorn does that to me.

    He was incredibly sexy when he dumped the water over him... but you know, I think when a guy shows vulnerability, that's even sexier... so the part when he realized the boy was alive on the island and he was overcome with emotion that he was safe - that was pretty darn sexy also.

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