Friday, January 30, 2009

Tippi Hedren, I am Not

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

There's something great about living in a house full of testosterone.
Truly, there is and when I discover what it is I'll let you know.

Since we've been holding our barf-a-thon (clear today, thank you very much), I haven't been out taking a lot of photos. So for your viewing pleasure, I've reached into my folders for something of importance.

I remember this day.
I remember having a lie in.
Gosh, it must've been 8 o'clock or so when my family thought I should not miss the great event happening in our garden.

A Goshawk took down a bird and was ripping it to shreds right on our front lawn.
What can I say, a photo op is a photo op, no matter how disgusting.


  1. Oh that's gross! Great picture. I think I'll skip eating today, though.

  2. Now Thats a Photo!
    Amazing. Yucky. But amazing...

  3. That ROCKS. And you got a picture! You're the coolest mom in the WORLD!

  4. Now see -- there's someone having a worse day than you or me.

    That's a very neat shot -- all carnage and everything.
    As for living in a house full of testosterone, I can't say much, but a house full of estrogen...drama!

  5. Cool but yucky! HA! I too live in a house full of testosterone with hubby and two sons. Please share with me when you figure out what that something great is! ;)

  6. though the 'red' part is gross, if its taken away, the rest of the picture is a Wow~!

  7. omg..I don't know how to react! Having boys, they would love this! But I do feel for the bird..the dead one...

  8. I'd take a picture of that too, cause it's kind of cool to look at. Probably because for the first 6 and 1/2 years of motherhood, I had only boys.

  9. Gah! I've had a similar scene in my yard but it involved me waving and yelling at my CAT. Ick. He did bring us the carcass as a gift.

  10. Pretty, in a life and death kinda way, you know? Really! What a moment!

  11. The title of this post made me laugh Jeri.
    Did you realise that the movie "The Birds" starring Tippi Hedren came out in 1963!
    I was scared for months after seeing that movie.
    Excellent photo.

  12. That is pretty coooool. But what reading your post just made me realize is that in about eleven years, when both my girls leaave the house and go off to school (assuming they do that), I will be the sole female in the house surrounded by three males and all that testosterone. The tables will be turned. I hadn't even realized that. Things should be interesting then...

  13. Oh, sweetest. EWWW. And, you got to sleep until 8? I'm so jealous.


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